Calgary Zoo

by Adam Piotuch

Mar. 2013

Banff Sunshine Village
by: Adam Piotuch
Nov. 2012

Regardless of the vastness these photos may have captured, not one nor all combined even come close to representing what it is to actually see it for myself in person. Everywhere I looked I was awe struck by the beautiful landscape. I have yet to visit another place that compares to the cliffs, the forests, and the snow I rode on. It felt like I was in Heaven. I took over 800 photos this day, and yet I could only capture a fraction of what I saw. Every second is a photo opportunity here and yet not one of these photos captures the immense scale of these mountains. With clouds whisping between the crevices, over mountains, through the valleys, and with the sun rolling throughout the day, new views would reveal themselves which simply added to the overwhelming and humbling experience. All of these photos were taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note II.