When trying to understand the world, the people and their decisions, I often wonder about what is right and wrong and all the grey in between. Everywhere I look, everything I watch and… Continue reading


Nature always has surprises. No matter what species or locale, new discoveries leave me in awe. Reports and images open up new perspectives that make me feel like a child again, being first… Continue reading

Return to the Moon: International Acheivements

As like many fellow explorers of the cosmos, news of the US government reducing funding for the NASA space programs was dismaying to say the least. Growing up in this industrial era, I… Continue reading

The Seeds of the Future Grow into the Past

[ work in progress ] What is the mind but nothing more than a collection of thoughts and processes? Is it that which controls our bodies and thoughts? Or is it a device that… Continue reading

Respect for the Immortal

Since the moment we were brought upon this land, we have all thought about at one point or another of immortality. We have searched through various disciplines for answers for a life after… Continue reading

Robot Swarms

Expanding upon my interest in robots and nature, I find myself hopeful for the future when I come across stories of robotic solutions for natural disasters brought upon by human intervention.  Today I… Continue reading

Robots, Androids, and Cyborgs

Ever since I was a small child I had an affinity towards robotics whether it was in science fiction or in  the real world.  I can recall always being drawn to anime that… Continue reading

New Beginnings

As I begin to collect my thoughts and experiences, after years of wonder and discovery, I will delve deeper into my own to unearth that which is best within me.  This website is… Continue reading