Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China

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This article sheds a new light on growth of forests in Africa that contradict the perceived short term repercussions of drought.  It theorizes that the centuries tested adaptability of flora and fauna species have lead to a thriving forest instead of one that should be dying.

In addition to this discovery, there are many articles related to this story via internal links.  This next article provides insight to why the lack of information plagues the scientific community when trying to predict natural outcomes for a variety of forest regions in Africa.  Mentioned in the article, a small diversity in trees does not mean the forest is not diverse, as there are extremely high number of differing mammal species located in these forests.

Combating desertification in African countries lead me to the greening of the Sahel  and agroforestry.  This approach to farming may seem beneficial for long term growth and sustainability that is missing in American agricultural practices. Another solution for creating sustainable agriculture presented itself to me through several videos and articles related to Paul Stamets‘ work with mycelium fungus based on his studies with fungus. These following articles expand in detail for application of fungus for the benefit of health as well as providing reasons why the management of agriculture needs reform.

In addition, these are related observations I wish to delve into more as I continue to revise and add to this post.  I share these stories not only for me to remember what I discover of the earth, but to allow for anyone to see what I have seen; to share what has been shared so that others may further their own sense of wonder.

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