Welcome to my digital space.  Here I share my thoughts and ideas relating to the wonders I discover.  The intent of this space is for me to collect and organize the many things I have related interests in. As I have found using other forms of social spaces limiting, I began to search a more suitable space where I could have more control over organizing my posts. I wanted a space where I can openly express my thoughts and feelings and so I have faith that WordPress is an ideal habitat for me to nurture my drive for adventure; my sense of wonder.

As I post things that I find interesting, some people will find some news to be dismaying. I do this not to dwell on bad news, but because I wish to find solutions to issues that I come across, as for me it is the best way to move past negative energy by also providing hope and faith in discovery of real world solutions. Other times, I post things I find exceptionally beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring.  As these posts grow, I constantly organize similar or related articles, images, and thoughts to obtain a better understanding of what my mind does as I do not inhibit it when it wanders.

My imagination is vast and limitless, and part of the reason for that I have to thank the online community that is always willing to share their discoveries with the world.  I hope that in some way, that my contribution, however small or large it may be, inspires others to delve into their own world as I often do.

Thank you for stopping by, and may your journey lead you to wondrous discoveries,

Adam Piotuch