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A symbolic anecdote accompanies this image in the comments section which resonated with me very strongly due to recent events in my life. The story of a crab,

“a group of crabs spent their whole life desperately holding on to the floor of the ocean. They feared the current of the water and limited their view of the world to that little space.
One day, one of them said – I want to know what’s out there: I am going to let go. The others ridiculed him and told him he would be crushed to shreds by the strength of the current. But he was persistent.
Sure enough, he was tossed and brutally smashed across the ocean floor. The others shouted but he refused to cling to anything. Eventually the water took him above into an area with no hindrances: an area of pure bliss.
As he peacefully floated above and discovered worlds anew, the crab said: I’m no different than any of you, just have faith that the current will love and take care of you. The other crabs hailed him as messiah and told stories of his heroic deeds – all the while relentlessly clinging on.”

Another related message Letting go

leaf and twig

the giver
of life.

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