When trying to understand the world, the people and their decisions, I often wonder about what is right and wrong and all the grey in between. Everywhere I look, everything I watch and read, I see people who form conflicting opinions. And even today, with many issues, people are on one side or the other; 50/50, it’s never one-sided these days. And I wonder how do people come to this conflict? and what makes it worse is the passion behind these opinions forces people to ignore what the other is saying.

Is it the heart that drives us to such a confused state? Or is it the mind, relying on ever-increasing facts which are often skewed to uphold one opinion or the other. And the solution we are proposed to settle conflict with is not to feel but to weigh the facts set before us.  Block off the emotions and let knowledge be our guide; blaming the heart as the source of anger and protest against one another and the reason why we don’t listen to each other.

Clouded Hope

But the heart tells the truth. In our age the mind can be easily deceived just as it was in the past. The heart channels to the spirit. It connects with our surrounding world and feels truth. When we listen to a song, watch an event occur, our minds collect the information. Our hearts, in turn, receives the information and asks our spirit what the true nature is. The spirit tells the hearts what has happened by making us feel. We then connect to the song or the event. The heart can be in harmony with the spirit if we let it be. We find out what we like, who we love, what hurts us, and what deceives us. We become passionate towards people and things because we feel the strength resonate within us. We strive to be with those people, places and things. It makes us feel good. Others see it and want it, if shared they feel the joy. And when our hearts ache, we feel a loss, deep sinking feelings, our chests cave in and our bones feel like glass. But is it truly because we lost someone? Did we forever lose that connection? Or are we trusting our minds instead of our hearts? Did we forever lose the connection with the person or did we simply tell our hearts so? Or is it that we lost the connection with the spiritual world? Are we simply not listening to our hearts because we are afraid to feel the pain from our spirit? Are our minds preparing us to not feel the pain? And if so, are we mistakenly telling our hearts the wrong information?

We are raised misguided. We are told to think first and not feel because we are lead to believe it will hurt too much. But our minds can only perceive. We make decisions based on perception. But as we grow and learn, we create new eyes, exposing images and beauty that our naked eyes cannot see. We see data but do not comprehend it’s meaning. So it all comes back to the heart. It is the centre of our mortal selves that should be the connection between our shells and our souls. We should not think first and feel second. We should ask our hearts first, not ignore them. We should use our minds to collect what we perceive after we feel what to look for, just as we use our eyes to seek out, our ears to listen for. But without asking our hearts first, we do not know what we are looking for, we only see that which is in front of us, afraid of what may come; we only perceive with our minds and then ask our hearts what it is we are seeing. Without searching for the truth first, we never will find it. We will only see everything all at once. The truth and the lies, and so we become confused. We spill the information onto our hearts and our hearts bleed confusion; misguiding the soul, heart and subsequently the mind we devote all our trust in. So we begin to not put trust in the heart because all we feel is confusion and pain. We begin to simply rely on the mind because some truth is relevant, and others are not, but we settle for less because we are afraid of being with none. By doing so we lose and forget our connection with the spiritual world; the truly immortal world.

We need to reconnect. We need to ignore which we see; clearing our thoughts and ask the heart with an innocence free from the world around us. With patience, we can begin to reconnect with our hearts, with faith in ourselves we can feel good again, feel truth again. We can then open our eyes and begin to see the true world through our hearts. Then we will see and think with a different perspective, guided by the truth we gained and trust in our hearts to show us the way.