The Seeds of the Future Grow into the Past

[ work in progress ]

What is the mind but nothing more than a collection of thoughts and processes? Is it that which controls our bodies and thoughts? Or is it a device that communicates outside our bodies? A machine that doesn’t simply send and receive information to and from our extremities, but rather connects our consciousness, our body with our mind? Is our mind ethereal? Does it exist outside the body? Do our brains contain antenna in their composition that connect with our minds that exist elsewhere? Today through science we know that electromagnetic radiation focused as radio waves exist; the discovery allowed us to build devices to communicate wirelessly across the country, around the world, and through deep space. But what if our minds developed in this way naturally long ago?  What if our mammalian counterpart, through evolution, established a link to communicate with an ethereal source of consciousness?

There have been cases where RF signals cause irritability with certain individuals in the form of electro-hypersensitivity or EHS. Are these individuals outliers of the species, or are they simply more aware of what all of us feel? Do RF signals and other forms of electromagnetic energy controlled by technology disrupt or inhibit our individual connections with our ethereal selves? We are all now born into a society where we are constantly under these clouds; So how are we to know? We have never known anything different.

Today we continuously have studies published, further discovering aspects of the mind. Our brains give off electrical impulses, a component necessary for radio transmission. But can we gather thought and memory wirelessly?

Mind Escapes the Body Through Technology

We have begun to do so, and we can now communicate to a variety of devices through thought alone, controlling them in virtual and real space, in motion and control. Brain-Machine interfaces are but one example.  Our brains can adapt, further asking the question, what more is our body than a vessel? It is a vessel we can transform; a vessel we can multiply into an army of cells, bodies, and devices. Our brains are constantly evolving, and can not only evolve to survive in nature, but we can construct our own environment, our own vessel the way we see fit, and our brain can alter itself to control those vessels simply through practice with the aid of science. It adapts to the body it connects with.

Animals have the ability to do the same with our intervention.

And we have been able to intrusively send signals to the brain, to perform certain functions, we can turn sections of our brain on and off. We can make mammals walk in circles. Yet, consciousness, that which defines us as ‘sentient’ individuals, continues to perplex the scientific community. Are we looking in the wrong places? Is a mind, consciousness, encased in our brain or is it elsewhere? Are everyone’s consciousness derived from a school of minds floating in space; do our minds connect to a cloud of thought? Do we naturally behave like a school of fish, a swarm, or a flock? Are we truly aware? Or do we simply pretend to be? We constantly make new discoveries that challenge old dogma regardless what religious, scientific, or corporate institutions bestow upon us. Is being aware enough to solve the problems of our societies if we simply choose to be ignorant towards them? Or does the word awareness require compassion towards a being’s surroundings in its definition, to have awareness considered a sentient attribute?

When we die, is it merely the act of our vessel losing connection with our mind? We ‘save’ people and bring them back from death and from near death, sometimes with minimal restitution, but is it because the mind was lost? Or is the vessel merely damaged? Maybe the communication links are simply not there, not strong enough, or disrupted?

If it is the case that our mind is separate from our body, and only connects wirelessly, then why does it happen? What benefit do our minds gain by controlling vessels in this world? What is missing out there that we gain by entering the mortal world as we know it?

The Forefront of Incarnation

In Hinduism, the concept of incarnation has been around for centuries, but today, we are approaching and gaining the ability to have our minds control animal vessels. We can already control different species’ minds mechanically, but as we are now able to control machine with thought, what is there that is stopping us from having our mind connect, wirelessly from the human brain to that of an insect, bird, or mammal?  We are in a forefront, where our studies are starting to encroach those possibilities. But will we stop to think, and possibly develop a method where we can send our consciousness into the radio spectrum? Spiritually, we may already do this when we pass, when we die. But with technology, we may be able to retrieve that consciousness and bring it back into our world.  Maybe we already do this.  Maybe science will merely give us the explanation of how it is done, and maybe through science we will give ourselves control of where we go.  Maybe now our consciousness connects with new life forms’ vessels randomly.  Or maybe there is a higher power that establishes which consciousness connect with which vessels. And by us gaining control of where we go, which bodies we enter, we lose control. We lose being connected to a higher power. We may end up using this ability for leisure and for a purpose where we wouldn’t have a full understanding of our repercussions, and losing our true nature and purpose.  Will we purge ourselves in the end? Will communities form and subsequently come to a disagreement as to what should be done? Will a heaven and hell manifest on earth in the physical sense? Are we already there?

It is a collective agreement now among the scientific community, that animals are conscious. We can control their bodies mechanically by connecting physically to their mind, but will we ever connect with them consciously? Will our thoughts connect with theirs? Or are we simply too driven to take over their bodies with our minds; driving their vessels rather than experiencing their lives and memories?

Vishnu as the All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of—and beyond—the past, present and future, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within. Vishnu governs the aspect of preservation and sustenance of the universe, so he is called “Preserver of the universe”. – Wikipedia, retrieved Sept. 2, 2012

The Real Problems Escape Us

Coming back down for a landing. Today, we try to connect, and pursue goals, but often times we have to sacrifice something to gain something else. And yet our societies try to move past problems while never solving them. We mitigate the risk.  And by doing so, we believe we have gained a new higher level of wealth, but really we only have a snapshot. Only a few ever get to experience it. And as we do this, we also gain a new level of poverty. Only many ever get to experience it.

We are continuously plagued with the grossly encompassing problems today as we were many millenia ago. We create new problems we do not want to fix, and only hope that by ignoring them, nature will make up for it and fix them. We still have the starving, we still have the sick, and the mentally ill. We still do not prosper as a species to eliminate these problems. As a species we are greedy and have come a long way in technology, but by not addressing the issues that plague us, will we reach a level in technology, where not looking backward and fixing the real problems will only allow for those problems to catch up to us, and plague us even when we reach a new level of consciousness?  Will we ever stop and look back, and realize that without addressing these problems, they will always plague us? How are we to truly excel and evolve to an ideal status if we will constantly be avoiding the real problems at hand; keeping us locked in the past. Shipwrecked.

We nurture our problems when we mitigate them. They will never go away unless if we address them.

If we ever reach a level where our consciousness exists in the form of  a wave, will we welcome those who have lived in nothing but poverty? To include them in ethereal consciousness, or will we judge them to our standards? Will we need compliance to protect us from unknown dangers? Can they be trusted? Can we?

Living inside a bubble takes on a different connotation, doesn’t it?

Buried in the Future, Unearthed in the Past…

Imagine a species, designed by us, and controlled by us ethereally. A species at war with others with the same advancements. A war that rages on, in the desertified lands we neglected.  A soldier comes across a lesser, a human staring at its savior. A child. The soldier pulls out an apple, and gives the apple to the child as the soldier realizes that the child is starving.  Now that apple, it is only an apple that provides nourishment for our bodies. But through our advancements, and our neglect of the repercussions, we choose not to be aware of, the soldier doesn’t know that apple is poisoned. The apple infects the child. The child does not understand its pain. It loses trust in its savior. The savior becomes the oppressor. The apple continues to infect the child, and as the child begins to lose its hunger for food, it begins to feel ethereal. It now needs a host to leach off as the necessary nourishment was not provided from the apple, and sees its oppressor as its only option. It wants to become connected into that machine. The soldier does not realize what is happening, it doesn’t understand that the apple was poisoned by its touch.  The soldier leaves to fight on,  in the battles driven by a confusion of what should be, of who should be in control of the wastelands. The child is left searching, not addressing its body’s hunger for nourishment, but rather driven to become like the oppressor, with a misguided faith in becoming as powerful.  And while it searches, it devours other species as it has lost control of its body’s drive for nourishment, allowing the body to divulge without recourse.

Has the child forgotten about its need for nourishment? The child believes it is receiving nourishment from the apple, but it is only being poisoned.

Think. Feel. Be Aware.

After all, we can only plant our seeds to grow in the soils of the past.

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